Specialist plastics fabricator for more than 50 years – our answer is always “yes”!

Viking Plastics Engineering is a family owned Australian business specialising in the fabrication of custom plastic planter boxes, plant box liners, rain gardens, rain garden containment liners, water tank garden beds and wicking garden beds for water sensitive urban design in large residential, commercial and industrial developments.

The Plastic Advantage

The primary advantage of Viking plastic planters and liners is that all our products are made to measure.

Other benefits include:

  • Unlimited lifespan
  • (Virtually) puncture proof
  • Will not leak so suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Can be manufactured to (virtually) any shape or dimension
  • If required, can be built/assembled on site
  • Plastics materials will not corrode or delaminate
  • Plastics materials are free of toxins and safe for use in close proximity to drinking water, foodstuffs, etc. (food-grade plastics)
  • Plastic planter box materials are recyclable
  • Plastic planter boxes can be repaired or modified (with additional nozzles for example)

The Viking Plastics Advantage

Viking has a trusted reputation for producing innovative products of the highest quality. Our key area of expertise is the manufacture of custom orders. We will work closely with you in the design and manufacture of planters and liners to your specifications. We value the relationship with our customers and are proud of our expert, fast and reliable service.

All our products are fabricated in our Braeside factory in Melbourne and shipped Australia wide.

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At Viking Plastics, we always say “yes”!